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Top 14 tips on getting your kids ready for school

Top 14 tips on getting your kids ready for school

Even though summer is almost over, you’re probably still recovering from the fact that your kids are heading back to school. After all, it’s not easy getting up early after warm lazy days spent daydreaming about being at the pool or beach. For some help making sure your kids are ready for the new school year, we’ve asked professionals in education and learning psychology for their best back-to-school tips. Here are some of our favourite pieces of advice:

1. Take advantage of the time before school starts to spend positive time with your kids. Look at where you can make changes that will be beneficial to the new school year.

2. Remember that it is your kids’ first day of school and they may be nervous, so give them a big hug when you pick them up. School should not be a place where they dread going each day, but one where they look forward to learning and being with their friends.

3. Help your kids get organised. Before you know it, they’ll be back to school and will be packing lunches, picking up uniforms, filling out assignment sheets and preparing their homework folder or backpack that includes everything they need for the night.

4. Don’t forget that your first day of school can feel pretty overwhelming too! It’s a busy day for parents as well as their children. Try not to worry about all the little things that inevitably go wrong during the first few days of school…you’ll manage just fine!

5. Remember, technology cannot replace social interaction between teachers and students so try to limit screen time before school. When used wisely, technology is an amazing teaching tool but nothing beats face-to-face communication with a teacher or person who can guide you.

6. And, before the school year begins, take time to talk to your kids so they are aware of all their educational opportunities for this coming year. It’s also a good time to have discussions about their goals for how they would like to improve in certain areas at school.

7. The best way to stay organized is by creating a daily planner with calendars and lists including what needs to be packed each day, homework assignments due dates and test dates….and don’t forget snacks! Homework checklist templates can be found online which simplify the process of keeping track of important information that will help your child succeed at home as well as in the classroom.

8. Help your kids manage their schedules by giving them a visual which they can refer to during school. Reduce some of the morning stress on your children by preparing for the day ahead before they wake up. Make sure everything is ready so that when it’s time to leave, you can depart right away without any delays.

9. A great way to get kids excited about heading back to school is by having conversations with them about what they’re looking forward to in regards to learning new things and seeing friends again. Kids especially love talking about how much fun it will be to see their favourite teachers!

10. Having healthy snacks around makes it easier not only for you but also for your kids so it becomes part of their daily routine. Getting enough nutrients allows your brain to function at its best and be prepared for the demands of learning.

11. Make family dinner time a habit so that your kids can talk about their day with you. Mealtime should not only revolve around nutrition but also conversation, especially when there are important discussions or announcements to be made.

12. Here’s another homework assignment for parents: become aware of what type of learner your child is (auditory, visual, kinetic/tactile) by asking them questions like ‘how do you learn best?’ or ‘what types of things interest you?’. When kids understand how they work best it’s easier for them to focus on the topic being taught which improves concentration and makes school fun again!

13. There are five types of learners. Visual learners pick up new information by seeing it, auditory learners learn new material by hearing it and kinesthetic or tactile learners benefit from hands on experience or moving around.

14. And patient with your kids! It’s a big adjustment for everyone to return to school after the long summer break so give them some time to get used to the routine again before the added responsibility of heading back to school is upon them.

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