Môn Văn Lớp: 7 viết đoạn văn về cuốn sách conan và dế mèn phưu lưu kí nghiêm cấm chép mạng


Môn Văn Lớp: 7 Giúp em bài này với ạ: viết đoạn văn về cuốn sách conan và dế mèn phưu lưu kí
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    Detective Conan

    Detective Conan is a masculine manga series Masculine virginal Shonen and minh minh Aoyama Gosho. The rest of us are Shogakukan from January 19, 1994 later in his game. Kim Vietnam, it, part of Kim K The rest of the kids The series completely transformed into anime anime Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS Entertainment. Cartoons, hardware, movies, games, video games, video games Software and software, software, software, software, software, software, software, software, software , software, software, software, software, software, software and software. Tankoubon comics sold by them. Fifty, five months, 2020, Detective Conan is the best-selling comic series for 5 years, one of the names of One Piece, stuck and Naruto and Golgo 13. In 2001, this manga Shogakukan burst into 46 for the shienen. Our software and software suite is part of Edogawa Ranpo.

    De Mèn Phieu Luu Ky

    “De Mèn Phieu Luu Ky” is a classic children’s literature by To Hoai. The work depicts the adventure of a cricket through the animal and human world. Highly adventurous but hidden in there are useful lessons to help educate the children. For a long time, the image of Mr. De Men has become very familiar to the younger generation of Vietnam. More than 70 years have passed since 1941, not only the children but also the adults are eager, passionate, also attracted by each page. In the footsteps of De Men, we will get lost in the world. The animal kingdom is close and dear to all the animals closely associated with the rural countryside such as Uncle Xien Toc, Boxer mantis, Chau Loc Voi, Frogs Com, Chuon Chuon … To Hoai has “painted” so A world of endless new emotions, practical and adventurous desires, exquisite vibrations before the beauty of life and nature. However, step by step, Mèn rose to self-adjust and self-awareness to become an idealistic and knowledgeable person with the tenacious guts of a young man. The sky struck the ground. In each of us, there is a time when a child cricket, childlike, misleading, selfish, tripping, … but then we will change and mature with time and experiences from life. Through the adventures of De Men, the world suddenly becomes more beautiful, life becomes more meaningful with full of love and sharing.

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